10 Common Mistakes Parents make with children
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Are You At Wits End Suffering from 2 Year Olds and hitting tantrum?

Seize back the control of your household with a practical common sense approach that really works with toddlers tantrums.
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Three simple rules for being a cool parent in a hot situation:
 1) take good care of yourself by setting firm limits through the use of enforceable statements,
2) offer choices instead of demands whenever possible, and
3) allow empathy and consequences to teach the lesson.

Discipline with love and logic is a practical, down-to-earth, common sense approach to working with kids that leaves parents and kids liking each other.  It's just the ticket for the extreme demands of parenting

Parenting With Love and Logic advice on understanding 2 Year Olds and stop hitting temper tantrums

How Do You avoid hitting tantrum altogether

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Dear Lion Tamer,

Your toddler's second temper tantrum of the day shows no sign of stopping, and supersonic, ear-shattering, teeth-jarring screams pierce the air. Your first instinct is to run away and join the circus, but of course this isn't a real option. There must be a better way.

Two Year old tantrums range from:
  • whining
  • crying
  • screaming
  • kicking
  • hitting
  • breath holding
During the kicking-and-screaming chaos of the moment, tantrums can be downright frustrating. They're equally common in boys and girls and usually occur from age 1 to age 3.

Kids' temperaments vary dramatically — so some kids may experience regular tantrums, whereas others have them rarely. Imagine how it feels when you're determined to program your DVD player and aren't able to do it, no matter how hard you try, because you can't understand how.

Do you swear, throw the manual, walk away,
and slam the door on your way out?

That's the adult version of a tantrum. Toddlers are also trying to master their world and when they aren't able to accomplish a task, they often use one of the only tools at their disposal for venting frustration — a tantrum.

How Many Temper Tantrums Have you Experienced?

What Do You Do When Temper Tantrums Begin? Do You Ever Feel Tired, Frustrated or Overwhelmed  With Temper Tantrums? 

You are out shopping with your toddler in the supermarket. He or she has spied a toy that you do not intend to buy. Soon, you find yourself at the centre of a gale-force temper tantrum. Everyone is looking at you, and your face is burning with embarrassment.

Could you have prevented the tantrum ?

Let's face it, today’s parents are increasingly under pressure to succeed both at work and at home.

Being a parent to a toddler is tough and demanding. 

Temper tantrums are not considered to be "misbehavior," but rather the normal and healthy release of stress and frustration.

Crying and raging have beneficial effects, helping to release tensions, lower blood pressure, and excrete stress-related chemicals from the body through tears, thereby restoring the body's chemical balance.
An interesting survey revealed that healthy adults  who cry more are less likely to ulcers than those who do not cry.
 Children should therefore never be punished or discouraged from crying or raging.
Temper tantrums are very common in two-year-olds.
The underlying cause of tantrums is usually accumulated frustrations, fears, and other upsets.
 Two-year-olds need opportunities to do things themselves and make some of their own decisions. They become very frustrated when they are not allowed this autonomy.
 Research has shown that increased crying and tantrums often precede the acquisition of new skills.

Punitive approaches to discipline can also cause tantrums. Surprisingly, so can the use of rewards if the child feels overly controlled. I recommend a non-authoritarian approach. Finally, be sure your daughter has enough quiet, "down" time during the day, without too many transitions or structured activities.

However, even with the best of parenting and non-authoritarian approaches to discipline, many children are prone to temper tantrums. This does not imply that you are doing something wrong. Bright, intense, sensitive, and creative children are deeply affected by upsets, changes, and frustrations, even those that we adults might consider to be minor. Their intense emotional reactions are normal. I worry more about children who are quiet and docile, and who rarely cry or rage.

When children throw tantrums about insignificant events (for example, you butter the "wrong" side of the bread), they are often using the event as a pretext to do some badly needed crying to release stress. It usually has nothing to do with the event that triggered the screaming and tears. I call this the "broken cookie phenomenon." We adults have "broken cookie" days too. Have you even burst into tears at some minor event when you were already feeling overwhelmed and stressed? This is what children do frequently, and it looks as if they are overreacting or trying to manipulate adults. This is usually not the case. They are simply releasing stress.



"Had Immediate Results"

Hi Dan,

I did download your book and starting reading it. I have started implementing the advice and had immediate results. I also downloaded, and printed the 10 common mistakes parents make with their children. I intend to use the advice there as well.

Thank you so much!

The fact that at toddler stage and they being unable to communicate, you can never really understand what is going on inside your child’s head. 

With this in mind, you need to understand your toddler’s behaviour........

…..let alone be able to control their behaviour. 

This expectation can drain you emotionally and physically and make you feel completely useless as a parent. 

If you are a stay at home mum, you have to cope and experience on a daily, hourly or sometimes even minute by minute basis ......

......your toddler’s tantrums and he/she may hit out at you , kick , shout, scream and break the furniture

And most of the time you have no idea why they are doing it.

………you feel on a constant edge waiting for the next crisis to explode.

But you have to diffuse the situation before it escalates into a dangerous situation.

This daily routine and also the embarrassing public tantrum, coping with explosive situations and worrying endlessly about your child and the rest of the family can put an unbearable strain on you………

……there are times when you think that you can no longer carry on as a parent.
  • Please be aware of these common mistakes, and learn how to avoid them! 

    17 Common Parent Mistakes
    (that actually make things worse… some of these may surprise you!)
    Do You...
    Negotiate  Negotiate or keep trying to talk it out?
    bribe your child  Try to bribe your child (with goodies) into good behavior?
    Get down on your child’s level  Get down on your child’s level?
    Show your frustration  Show your frustration and hope it will help?
    take away something  Threaten to take away something they look forward to?
    Yell at them  Yell at them?
    Spank them  Spank them?
    Refuse to give them what they want  Refuse to give them what they want?
    Give them what they want  Give them what they want? or...
    when they demand it  Give them what they want when they demand it?
    Plead, Beg, Discuss & Argue  Plead, Beg, Discuss & Argue with them?
    Fight with them   Fight with them to go to time out?
    soothe them  Try to soothe them?
    didn’t have the same problem  Listen to a neighbor or friend who really didn’t have
          the same problem?
    Seek help from anyone  Seek help from anyone who has an opinion on tantrums?
    Read books by a self-proclaimed parenting experts  Read books by a self-proclaimed parenting experts?

    With the common mistakes in mind. Questions many a parent asks:

    • Are There Ways To Prevent 2 Year Olds and Hitting Temper Tantrum?

    • What Is The Best Way To Handle 2 Year Olds and Hitting Temper Tantrums?

    • What Do You Do When They Have A Temper Tantrum In Public?

    • What To Do With A Sleep Deprived Child?


    • Would you like more fun and less stress
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    • How to manipulate the situation – understand the ingredient causing tantrum
    • Techniques to eliminate temper whining and other annoying antics
    • How to analyse specific tantrums and design solutions
    • How to get your toddler to go to bed without complaining, arguing or fighting.
    Every parent would endure frustrations with their toddler’s behaviour. It is stressful.

    As a result, almost all of us would find ourselves venting our frustrations threatening, bribing or shouting at our kids just to get them to do as they are told.

    Such an environment is not good on the kids nor is it good on ourselves as parents.

    So How Could We Make Things Better ?

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    PS One thing I forgot to mention. Like you I am a parent.
    And like you, the toddlers have acted up at times where they have been testing. They are no angels.

    So for this reason, I feel motivated to put together these techniques to share it with others to cope with the temper situation.